Logo and branding guidelines

Thanks for your interest in using Producteev logos. These guidelines should help you properly refer to our product and services. If you've got questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
Download Producteev Logos

Available in .EPS and .PNG files

When using the Producteev logo, please use only the official, unmodified files to represent our brand:

Developer Branding Guidelines

We are glad that you have considered creating an app with the Productee API. Please find below some branding guidelines so you know how to reference Producteev in your app. If you plan to distribute your app, please make sure that you follow these simple rules.

Naming conventions

When choosing a name for your app:

  • It shouldn't include the word "Producteev".
  • It can't be too similar to Producteev in sound or spelling.

Providing your logo

When creating an app, you'll be asked to provide a logo. That logo shouldn't include or look similar to the Producteev logo. The preferred dimension is 256x256px in .PNG format.

Can I use Producteev branding?

You can use the Producteev name and logo for anything related to your app, such as marketing materials, as long as you follow our Producteev branding guidelines when using our logo or name.

  • Don't suggest that there's a partnership between your app and Producteev or that Producteev endorses your app.
  • Only use the approved logos when referring specifically to Producteev or an integration through the Producteev platform.
  • Don't use the Producteev brand as the most prominent brand in your marketing content.
  • Do not copy or imitate the look and feel of the Producteev website, desktop clients, or mobile apps.